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Francesco Rubis

Francesco was born in Ponte San Pietro (BG) on 26 August 1989.

It is precisely the days spent together with his father, in the small lake of his area, that made him discover the fishing in lake and make him more and more passionate about this sport; so at the age of only six (6) years the future Champion Rubis Francesco takes his first rod in his hands.

Initially practiced as a pastime and leisure, a way to be with his father and in contact with nature, then, for the young Francesco, it becomes an ever-increasing stimulus to improve. The competition enters his blood and so, with the guide of Luciano Bono, Francesco becomes an amateur angler.

The first club that welcomes him is the Levante Arctico, followed by Senago Daiwa, but it is in 2007 that joins the team Soffritti – Tubertini – SA.GI.P.

At the age of 11, in the 2000, he began to fill his palmares with the victory of the Italian individual boys championship, followed from three other consecutive titles. However, is with join the team Soffritti – Tubertini – SA.GI.P. which begin its most important victories, in team and individual titles:

  • 2007 teams
  • 2008 Box
  • 2009 teams and individuals
  • 2011 teams
  • 2012 Box
  • 2013 Box and teams
  • 2014 teams
  • 2015 teams
  • 2017 teams and individuals
  • 2017 FIPO Amo d’Oro Lake Trout Category

Its favorite baiting is the wax worms tied using exclusively SA.GI.P. wax worms. Depending on the size of the trout, he uses the Standard or Big Big.