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Gino Soffritti

Born in the 60s in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore; since he was a child he started fishing to follow in the footsteps of his father, his idol, a well-known trout angler.


At the age of ten he was already a skilled angler in which his father already saw the future champion.
In 1974 he joined the club “LA COMPEDIVER”, where his father was the President.


From the beginning he became a big fan of trout fishing, always ready to experiment different strategies and new fishing actions to be able to catch more and more fish.
In 1979, in the lake of Possaccio (VB), that trying to catch trout reluctant to bite, made the “tip” of the rod tremble, causing a progression in small jerks of the bait and thus creating a new stimulus to attack for the trout that pounced on the wax worms, with renewed voracity. He immediately realized that he had invented a new method that could revolutionize the world of trout fishing.


It took him several years and continued tests and modifications to perfect the movements, the triggers, the rod and the materials used for this new type of trout fishing, which was called: Tremarella Fishing.


In the 1990s he began his relationship with the company SA.GI.P., a company producing wax worms. From the beginning start a very strong collaboration, which led to the creation of a specific production of wax worms for the world of competitions. High quality larvae, resistant to throws and repeated fishing actions, white and colored, to meet the needs of the great Champion.
The combination of highly specialized materials, created on his suggestions by Tubertini, of SA.GI.P. wax worms, created for this particular type of fishing, and his knowledge of perfect movements to stimulate even the most reluctant trout, give exceptional results that allow it to have the record of victories at National level:



  • 1990 Italian Team Championship
  • 1994 Italian Team Championship
  • 1997 Italian Boxing Championship
  • 1998 Italian Team Championship
  • 2007 Italian Team Championship
  • 2008 Italian Boxing Championship
  • 2009 Italian Team Championship
  • 2011 Italian Team Championship
  • 2012 Italian Boxing Championship
  • 2013 Italian Boxing Championship
  • 2013 Italian Team Championship
  • 2014 Italian Team Championship
  • 2015 Italian Team Championship
  • 2017 Italian Team Championship



The management of his fishing shop in Verbania do not distract him from his duties as President of the Trout Fishing club SOFFRITTI – TUBERTINI – SA.GI.P. in which compete famous fishermen such as Vergnasco, Venturelli, Pasqua, Rubis, Forzani and many others who see in the Champion Soffritti not only their President, but also a Master always ready to give useful tips for winning fishing actions.
The baitings he used most frequently during the competitions have become famous: two wax worms, better if with different color and the tied wax worm …. Obviously, we are talking about SA.GI.P. wax worms!